Read before opening a dispute

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Read before opening a dispute

Post by K1ngDuffy on Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:56 pm

Do not open a dispute for:

  • Not knowing / being ignorant of a rule. It's your job to read the rules, and it's our job to enforce them.
  • Getting banned for something that someone else did. Just because they did it, and didn't get caught, doesn't mean you won't. It's also not a valid defense, a dispute is about you, don't bring another party into this, use the report button instead and serve out your ban.

Open a dispute for:

  • Cruel / unusual ban durations.
  • Accidental bans that were done for no reason.
  • Staff abusing or targeting you.
  • Something that might be against the rules and you were banned, but had a very valid reason for it. Note: this can also be determined to be a pointless dispute, so be careful when you post it.
  • Escalating a dispute to an administrator.
  • Clarification on a ban reason.

Lying to a staff member in a staff dispute is a permanent ban. If you lie, your dispute is automatically void, and a limited duration ban may be extended to permanent, along with your alternate account.

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